Why Camp GBB is the Best Summer Camp for your Daughter

Experience us! Camp GBB is a new and innovative concept created by Entrepreneurs to bring knowledge and education of entrepreneurship to young girls. The ages between 7 and 14 years are very delicate and unsettled for any teenager! These pre-puberty and puberty stages are where your daughters are starting to form the characteristics that will help transform from a young girl into a young lady. Girls Building Businesses Summer Camp is a place where your daughter can learn the skills that she will bring with her on her journey into womanhood. It is the mission of Camp GBB to educate, empower, and encourage young girls to build their own successful businesses; and experience what it’s like to be in control of their future to achieve a goal. Here is why GBB stands out from other Summer Camps:

GBB teaches Organization

At Camp GBB, girls pick a project, create their own business plan, and make products to sell. They will learn step-by-step how to run their own show, and grow a business from start to finish. It is important during these formative years to learn how to stay focused on a project from beginning to end, and the accomplishments that come with that focus.

GBB teaches Self-Confidence

Our counselors teach your young ladies how to build their self-confidence through accomplishment, and be proud of themselves. Self-Confidence is so important during these formative years! By teaching the girls the way of entrepreneurship, they will learn what it’s like to be in control of their future.

GBB teaches Teamwork

No entrepreneur is an island. Entrepreneurship can be a hard road, but it takes the teamwork of customers, clients, employees and vendors to make a business successful. Our camp teaches our girls the importance of teamwork, and helping each other to achieve a goal.

GBB teaches Encouragement

Our counselors inspire and motivate the girls to take action in achieving their dreams and goals by providing them with a “real-life” situation of today’s entrepreneurs. We realize the girls sometimes think, “I can’t do that”; but our one-on-one interaction with the girls encourages them with an “I can” attitude.

GBB teaches Achievement

From start to finish, your daughter will learn how to achieve a goal by following a step-by-step business management plan to achieve that goal. This accomplishment teaches your daughter that organization and a positive attitude will help them live their dream.

GBB teaches Financial Independence

On our Launch and Sell Day, your daughter will be able to sell the products she has made, and keep the money she earns. She will learn it takes hard work, teamwork, and diligence to reap financial rewards.

GBB teaches Empowerment

Your daughter will learn Empowerment through everything she has learned during camp. She has learned that empowerment takes being organized, self-confidence, teamwork, encouragement, and a series of accomplishments….the best lesson of all. What other camp can offer that?