How to Keep Your Body in Shape and Stay Healthy

We are all unique. Who we are, how we look, and the characteristics of our bodies are all traits that we inherit from our parents and ancestors. Some of us are tall, and some of us are short. Some of us are thin, some of us are stocky, and some of us are in the middle. We cannot change what we’re born with. Women and girls tend to be more self-conscious about their body characteristics than men and boys, and sometimes we let ourselves be influenced by our peers and society. It’s just what we do!

Our Body Clock

The worst thing you can do is try to change something you shouldn't. Our bodies have a built-in “clock” called metabolism. Metabolism is our bodies natural way of processing food and nutrients as our body needs them. If you don’t eat right, you can damage your metabolism! We all should control what goes into our bodies and when. Losing or gaining weight too quickly can damage our body.

Peer Pressure

There is no doubt that society, celebrities, fashion models, and even our classmates affect how we feel about ourselves and our bodies. Always remember that your height and weight have absolutely no effect on who you are as a person! We all want to be beautiful inside and out, but staying focused on a perfect body can be bad for you.

Eating Healthy

The best way to control your weight is to eat the right foods. A good diet has lots of crispy fruits and veggies. We all like junk food! But remember, that’s why it’s called “junk food”. It’s simply not healthy for you, so try to stay away from it if you want a healthy body weight.


Exercising along with a healthy diet will help your body stay in the best shape it possibly can. Stay in shape by playing sports, taking dance, cheerleading, eating right, and getting lots of sleep, and you shouldn’t have to worry about a weight problem. This is a total body plan that you will want to follow the rest of your life.

Positive Mental Attitude

A healthy body is home to a healthy mind. Change the things you can, and don’t worry about the things you can’t.