Your tuition payment for Camp GBB will allow your daughter to enter into camp curious and leave camp CEO of a business she started on her own all in ONE WEEK!


Camp GBB is an all girls day camp for girls ages 7-14 years old. The camp focuses on educating, empowering, and encouraging young girls to build their own, successful businesses. At Camp GBB, girls pick a project, create their own business plan that includes marketing and sales strategies, financial analyses, and business management planning. At the end of camp the girls open up their very own business, sell their product, and keep the money they earn. Benefits of entering your daughter into Camp GBB are listed below.

GBB Business Starter Pack

Your daughter will be ready to kick off her business with her personalized GBB Business Starter Pack! The pack includes:


  1. Professional Business Plan

  2. Business Cards

  3. Business Promotional materials (ex. flyers, posters, etc.) 

​Increased Confidence 

Your daughters level of confidence is expected to increase after a week of camp that includes:


  1. Building a successful business on her own 

  2. Opportunities for Public Speaking

  3. Educate, Empower, and Encourage Break Out Sessions

  4. Mentorship from other local business owners 


Student to Teach Ratio

Small Class Sizes


Due to the 12:2 student to teacher ratio, your daughter is guaranteed to recieve high quality, effective lessons at Camp GBB. This will allow your daughter to recieve great results at the end of camp.  

​Hands on Learning​​

GBB's campers do a lot more than just listening; they physically build their businesses from the ground up! They create products to sell, promotional materials and other businesses necessities.

Graduation and Business Pitch

On the final day of camp your daughter will receive a graduation certificate for successfully building her business at Camp GBB! She will also get the chance to give a business pitch about the company she started.

 GBB Business Launch and Sell Day
On the final day of camp, your daughter will also get the opportunity to sell her products to those in attendance at the graduation ceremony. This will be the day her hard work will be displayed for all to see!